How To: Hypnotize a chicken

Hypnotize a chicken

If you like cow tipping, try chicken hypnosis. Ciaran, a little boy, shows viewers how to successfully hypnotize a chicken

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i love it

ZOOOm it

i love at the end when the girl or whomever is filming starts begging to pet the chicken

Ciaran won;'t have none of that

great video!

They showed a portion of this video today on CNBC today. Everyone was laughing after they showed it. I think it's very funny too.

whats the deal with the little boy? i mean really has anybody even tried this at home bedsides that little boy?and who ever came up with this?the person who did has no life(sorry).

wonderful video, great kid, awesome parents and a interesting life.

this is an OLD joke that has been passed by grinning family members for years just to see the wonder on the children's faces!! They then have the sense humor to pass it on!!! NO chickens are harmed!!

Seriously, the chicken is NOT hypnotized, it's simply asleep. According to all birds, when it gets dark, they fall asleep at no time. It's just instinct, not hypnotizm.


that's just cruel!

thats pretty all i need is a chicken!

Yeah,Chickens are easy to handle when Loaf holds them,it's catching them thats the problem!

Loaf wants to touch it too!!

that not hypnotising a chicken i will tell you what it is its animal cruelty

and you guys who are shouting about animal cruelty..its not

would you like to get your head put in you pit and spun around. tell me that and tell me that alone.

do you think i would work if we flung a human around for 20 it would go to sleep?

hahaaha lol, i have seen people hypnitize someone to behave like a chicken, but this first time i see someone hypnotize a chicken

poor chicken it must felt quite dizzy, silly kid, get yourself a hobby

yeah the chickin stayed still because he was ready to blow chunks

cooooooooooooool trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wat the hell is up with that

Placing the head under its wing simply puts the chicken to sleep. It looks like good exercise though!

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