News: The Many Methods for Hypnotizing Chickens

Chicken hypnotism is pretty mind boggling. We were enthralled when young Ciaran hypnotized a chicken with his infectious little boy charm (and more importantly, the gentle back-and-forth sway of his arms). There are a wealth of videos on YouTube depicting the process—a bonafide practice tried and true among both farmers and scientists. So, what is the why and how-to behind the art of fowl hypnosis?

How To: Build a nest box and ladder for a chicken coop

In this video, we learn how to build a nest box and ladder for a chicken coop. Start off by creating the box with several pieces of 2x4's. Measure each piece individually, then screw them into place. Make sure it's the size that you want it and that it's secure and lays flat on the ground. Once finished, you will bend some metal and place it on the sides of the coup and then fasten the hinges so they are free swinging. Then, pull in a few more piece and you will have created the nest box insi...

How To: Build a simple brooder box

Baby animals are some of the cutest things in the whole world. They can sometimes be even cuter than human babies! One of the most adorable set of baby animals would be chicks and baby ducklings. There's something about all the chirping sounds that make them so hard to leave. In this video tutorial, you'll find out how to build a simple brooder box using easy to get material. So sit back, pay attention, and enjoy!

How To: Create your own homemade egg incubator

Home farming is easier than you think, especially when it comes to incubating your own chicks from eggs to raise! If you're curious on how to build your own cheap egg incubator, check out this video! In it you will get all the info about temperature, humidity and more for your home incubator!

How To: Raise baby chicks

A quick guide to keeping and raising chicks. This video shows the basic requirements of chicks for their first 5-8 weeks (by which time they should get their full feathers). They will grow quite quickly (and so will the size of their brooder). Once they have their full feathers they will be able to move into their chicken coop.

How To: Raise baby chicks

In this video series, watch as farm animal and husbandry expert Dr. T. K. Roy teaches how to raise baby chicks. Learn how to protect baby chicks from predators, how to select eggs for incubation, how to build a baby chick brooder, how to use a chick feeder, how to transport a one day old chick, how to vaccinate baby chicks, how to pick feed for baby chicks, and how to use the open cafeteria system with baby chicks. Let the experts at Expert Village teach you how to raise baby chicks so you do...

How To: Care for chickens

In this video series, watch as poultry animal expert Dr. T. K. Roy teaches how to raise chickens. Learn the different breeds of chickens, how to care for laying chickens, how to de-worm a chicken and check it for lice, how to make a chicken nest, and how to sell pant hens. If you are a farmer or chicken raiser, this free video series contains crucial information on the proper care of chickens, so treat your chickens right and watch these free videos from the experts at Expert Village. Care fo...

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